The Ballantyne name dating back to British Medieval times describes the desired riches and opulence of Kings & Queens, Dukes & Duchesses, Lords & Ladies!

Our Ballantyne Collection is a soft, textured velvet with a fascinating pressed/crushed surface interest, giving the appeal of Vintage and Aged textiles.  With a strong 60,000 Martindale Rubs, enjoy a superb durable upholstery alongside this visually delicate cloth which includes a soft but strong felt backing.  Invite this historic luxury to enter your interior and create an environment with a splash of indulgence and heritage.  Revel in deep hues of plush Greens “Kale” and “Spirulina” and delve into Royal shades of “Blackcurrant” and “Squid Ink”!

Whatever the ambience, allow a touch of Ballantyne Opulence to grace and enrich your space.