The definition of the word “hygge” perfectly describes the plush, soft and comforting look and feel of our new fabric range of the same name!

With the contrast of a natural cotton base weave crossed with a tightly constructed chenille, “hygge” comes alive with a shot effect velvety pile. Also adding to the charm of “hygge”, is a textured slub yarn creating a Linen look down the length of the fabric. “hygge” is a versatile plain upholstery texture suited to ultra-modern, both smart and casual as well as sophisticated, eclectic elegance.

Let your imagination go wild as you drink in these irresistible shades of Double Jeopardy, Tanqueray and Hennessy along with soothing tones of Mocktail, Musgrave and Martini.  Enjoy more fun design with exploding bursts of colourful Sourz, Bananarama and Bombay Blue!

Bottoms up!