Our “Hygge” collection perfectly embodies the Danish concept of comfort and coziness. The plush and soft texture of “Hygge” comes from the natural cotton base weave combined with a tightly constructed chenille, creating a velvety pile with a shot effect. The fabric also features a textured slub yarn, giving it a linen-like appearance.

This versatile plain upholstery texture is suitable for a range of styles, from ultra-modern to sophisticated and eclectic. “Hygge” comes in a variety of irresistible shades, including Double Jeopardy, Tanqueray, Hennessy, Mocktail, Musgrave, and Martini. For a more playful design, opt for the colorful bursts of Sourz, Bananarama, or Bombay Blue.

Experience the comfort and style of “Hygge” in your space today! Bottoms up!

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