Introducing our feature collection named LAGOS! Inspired by this old 3rd world city’s passion for “Classic” and “Sophisticated” style mixed with “British Colonial” influences and a splash of Portuguese “Vibrancy” of pallet! Enjoy our feature design “Linoleum” reminiscent of British tiled flooring in happy colourways “Fresh” trough to smart nautical “Pacific” and monochromatic “Blackburn”. “Ditzy”, our delightful and very “traditional” mini dobby weave, perfect for that quintessential dining chair, a must for the “eclectic” interior enthusiast. Warm hues of “Cinnamon” and “Toast” introduce calm to the chaos and bustle of Lagos!

“Check” out our coordinating feature design “Samson”, a textile offering of the Nigerian Samsonite, a striking large scale chequered fabric with a distinct Cotton handle, ideal for accessorising and focal points. “Herringbone and Velvet” have to be included in this cultural melting pot plus our new “Glamour” option of “Shimmer” Coconut. “Just enjoy”.