There are no imitations to compare with the authenticity of a “Genuine Leather” hide!  From the outer surface area through to the under surface, this natural solid skin structure has durability second to none and may even last a lifetime in some instances.

Genuine Leather is often the first choice when one decides to recover/cover a furniture piece of “significance”, or even an heirloom of value or sentimental importance!  Leather commands pride of place in many an interior and is therefore often elevated to main focal points and features within a room.

The Mill has hand-picked a selection of beautifully crafted Genuine Leathers with incredibly luxurious and inviting surface effects including “Leather Buffed”, a rustic, velvety and aged appearance.  “Leather Shadow”, a stunning antique, two-tone, plus a traditional favourite “Leather Trunk”, a sophisticated, heavy, high sheen, smooth finish available in aptly named colours including “Strap” and “Tavern”.