Following the wonderful reception received by our latest “City” collection, we bring you “Suburban”!

With both colour-lines of “City and Suburban” complimenting one another beautifully, you’ll be tempted to pair these together in tone and in texture.  Suburban has a smooth, marl felt appeal on the face of the fabric and is backed with a strong support cloth producing a world-class Martindale Rub count of 100,000!  Suburban’s strong, saturated colour pallet includes shades “Emmerentia”, “Rose” and “Jacaranda” through to subtle hues of “Pigeon”, “Stepping Stone” and “Limestone”.  Aligned to the latest furnishing trends, Suburban will be well placed on “Booth Seating”, “Partitioning”, “Pods”, “Acoustic Panels”, “Armchairs” and “Sofas” from a commercial perspective and also lending its softness to “Suburban” applications equally as well!