Reminiscent of a Classic African Mud Cloth, our new “Tribal Chic” collection showcases the negative impression of a traditionally dark textile in an enlightened, fresh Ecru and Stone adaptation! Enjoy the Tribal drama and hand nurtured artistic authenticity of brushstrokes and fingerprint designs aptly named “Suri”, colour “Echo” a magnificent, oversized Ombre patterned upholstery destined to own the focal point of all spaces it occupies, be it a feature room or eye-catching entrance to a reception area. The Mill Fabrics proudly launches a new woven quality for the use of “Throws”, traditionally used to embellish the foot of a bed or perhaps across the back of an armchair or atop an ottoman. Design “Sheko” colour “Tide” is the mirror image of “Suri” but in our softer Throw quality. As before, our other showstopping brushstroke design, namely “Tribal” and “Kelemi” are also available in both upholstery and throw qualities. Meet the perfect match with our plain upholstery range “Hygge”, the synergy of its’ cotton slub base weave is the perfect complement to this elegant and naturally edgy offering