“What’s happening in the City”?!!  It’s hot, it’s happening, it’s “City”!

The plain surface texture created by cross weaving “space-dyed yarns”, giving a contemporary marl and mottled effect which offers a slick edge and practicality to any quality interior be it Office, Hospitality or Home!  City has the versatility to adorn upholstered furniture pieces, headboards, panels and accessories alike and enjoys the added strength of a felt backing, ensuring stability and top quality, boasting a Martindale rub count of 90,000!  With the most up to date colour palate, enjoy our ever-popular greys, ranging from delicate shades, namely “Building”, “Skyscraper” and “Street” to the new favourites in tones of pink, “Display”, “Lavender” and “Scarf”.  Stunning blues of “Bench”, “Sky and “Pool” and last but not least, rich shades of green & ochre, “Park”, “Central” and “Suit”! 

Bring the outside in and enjoy the “City” wherever you are!

Bright Lights, Big City! Discover more about mottled fabrics in our Blog:
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