Our CITY collection will light up your interior, be it in the form of furniture pieces, headboards, panels or accessories!

CITY goes big & bold with its added strength of a felt backing, ensuring stability and top quality while boasting a Martindale rub count of 90,000!

The plain surface texture of City is created by cross weaving “space-dyed yarns”, giving a contemporary mottled effect which offers a slick edge and practicality to any quality interior, be it Office, Hospitality or Home!

Let us unravel the technicalities from our City Collection:

Space-dyeing is a process of dyeing of yarn in which multiple colours are applied along the length of each strand of yarn which may or may not repeat after a fixed
interval. It is a technique used to give yarn a unique multi-coloured effect. Weaving with space-dyed yarns gives a mottled effect to a fabric.
The term ‘mottled’ is used to describe a condition where colour or dye is unevenly applied to or accepted by a fabric. It can also be called a marl or blended fabric. The most recognisable example is grey marl sweatshirt fabric. A mottled effect can be achieved by either combining two different coloured yarns in the warp and weft or by constructing the textile with space-dyed yarns.
Mottled fabrics is usually used as a blender fabric to bring together other, busier fabrics, although it sometimes stands on its own as well. However, and more importantly, mottled fabrics are forgiving! The inevitable spot or mark will eventually end up on a fabric and with a mottled surface texture it is less visible than on a solid coloured textile. You can get more milage out of a mottled fabric and your interiors will look cleaner for much longer using a fabric with this slight surface interest.
Be on trend with our City’s up to date colour palette. Pantone’s Veri Peri colour of 2022 can be found in a handful of our pink and purple tones.

When it comes to our City collection, you don’t have to choose between going BIG, or going HOME.