Indulge and delight at our incredible 42 “cross colourways” of our “Linton Tweed” collection!

You’ll be drawn and attracted to its endless possibilities of tonal and clashing cross weaves.  Mixing Orange and Green, the “Westwood” of the catwalk, shades of “Nude”, vibrant Yellows and Reds, there’s no place for tiring of a Linton Tweed inspired interior.  Taking its depth from 1950’s tweed suiting, Linton Tweed will breathe life into vintage and modern pieces alike adding a “je ne sais quoi” to its occupied space.  As well as “putting on the Ritz”, Linton Tweed boasts an impressive 60,000 Martindale rub count plus a Soil and Water repellent finish, making it perfect for commercial and contract use.

Linton Tweed will be equally and happily placed in just that favourite space, what a treat!