The Mill is rocking and “rolling” in 2022 and kicking off with our Arran collection and exploring the Wool-look.
Why do we love a woollen textile so much? Because of all that TEXTURE!
Texture is a key interior design element and our Arran collection has all of it! Arran has a beautiful soft and natural woollen felt appearance yet is woven from 100% Polyester yarns! The synthetic benefits bring excellent colour fastness as well as superb durability. With this modern, matt felt finish it will complete any contemporary interior. Below we are featuring our Arran – Hopsack in a trendy barstool and our Arran – Ice Blue in a comforting office or lounge couch.

Furniture pieces upholstered with woollen fabrics stand out in all spaces, from modern / chic restaurants to comforting living rooms. These visually stimulating eye-catchers fills a room with depth and dimension by adding a variety of textures in your interior. We love the woollen felt texture to add layers of warmth and cosiness.

Woollen fabrics are also an excellent base texture for pattern! It offers just the right layers  of texture without stealing the show. From macro designs and clashing colourways, to slick geometric designs and micro patterns, we just love to match it all with wool! What is your favourite Arran and pattern combination?

Our Arran collection has a soft and smooth surface texture. However, woollen fabrics can be very scratchy for some. To combat the potential uncomfortable feeling of a scratchy fabric, one can upholster these fabric in non-touch areas such as the back up chairs or on ottomans.
How to test the ‘scratchiness’ of a wool texture?
Test fabric on your arm or face to check for roughness and make sure that you won’t be too sensitive to the texture. The tougher skin on your hands might not pick up on more subtle scratchiness.
Lastly, we have some cleaning tips for a woollen fabric:

Act fast!

Spot clean the affected area with warm soapy water.

Do not rub, it can cause piling. “Dab” the affected area.

Do not use harsh chemicals.

When in doubt, call the experts!