We love a challenge here at The Mill! Grabbing the opportunity to work alongside the creative team of the newly launched Zioux restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg is no exception! The concept behind Zioux is all about breaking free from the cages we construct around ourselves by posing as a highly evolved, civilised and intellectual species.

The Mill was tasked to realise the vision of the Zioux restaurant concept in the form of an Art Nouveau curtain print. With such a bold and “larger than life” monochromatic graphic, we first had to tailor the overall scale of the design in order to fit both the width of each curtain drop as well as the double volume height of the Zioux premises.  This resulted in a staggering 8.40 meter pattern repeat, our largest print to date!

The inspiration behind the concept of the restaurant:

“Zioux is all about breaking free from the cages we construct around ourselves by posing as a highly evolved, civilised and intellectual species. But in reality we’re all slightly pretentious animals in fancy clothes trying to act cool. Liberation is letting go of these roles we think we have to play.

To create a custom graphic style, every pen stroke has to support that concept. This resulted in a structured line-work forming the zoo cage bars that warp and break to become these highly embellished, Art Nouveau inspired designs. The anthropomorphic creatures are based on famous African fauna. They give us that ‘main character on a fashion shoot’ energy. The cage becomes soft and pliable around them. Metal bars can easily be brushed aside like a velvet stage curtain. It invites them to drop the act and become happy, wild and goofy beasts once again. Even if it’s just for a night.”

We love to bring your unique creations to life. Below our terms and conditions regarding custom projects:

Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q): Please ask your sales consultant what the minimum order quantity is for the particular weave selected or developed. This minimum may vary depending on the loom and/ or yarns used.

Average roll sizes: Please note it is the industry norm to quote in multiples of “50 linear meter rolls”. This is an average quantity. Very rarely will a roll of fabric actually measure 50 meters exactly. 99% of rolls are +/-50.00m pieces. For example: 51.20m, 53.90m, 48.70m and so on.

Tolerance: We ask that you allow for a 5% tolerance either way when ordering your desired quantity. For example: If the purchase order quantity is100.00m, we may produce up to 5% less (i.e. 95.00m) or 5% more (i.e. 105.00m).

Production variables: There are many reasons why fabric roll sizes may vary. Finishing methods that apply chemicals, different temperatures used to heat set the finished item, The yarns themselves may have varying shrinkage in the finishing process and lastly the final inspection process is done by hand and not mechanically.

Stock item v custom designed item: When ordering from our stocked inventory we can invoice from 1.00m upwards, when invoicing custom designed orders, we have no use for any excess stock as we cannot sell it on and ask that production tolerances of +/-5%are accepted by our client.We look forward to bringing your creations to life!

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