The Mill is both proud and excited to introduce our new Recycled PET Felt, made 100% from recycled, South African “Plastic Bottles”! With x12 Plastic Bottles in every meter we can cut and package every meter sold with the knowledge we are reducing the dreaded landfill problem our globe faces.

As well as being happily “Green” we can also happily present our three trendy shades of Recycled PET Felt, namely “Bowtie, Cravat & Cufflink” (Black, mottled Charcoal & mottled Light Grey), all on point with modern décor.

There are multiple uses for this Felt which has a firm, stiff and strong structure, lending itself to Acoustic Panels, Walling, Screens and Pinboards as well as a host of contemporary accessories such as Bags, Hats, Notebook Sleeves and Placemats, to name but a few, the list is endless……

Enjoy pairing this fashionable non-woven textile with other attractive aesthetic surfaces and textures like Blonde Woods, Leather Strapping and Bold Contrast Topstitching. We look forward to hearing and seeing your amazing interpretations of this amazing product!